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DG 300 Elan acro


 This semi-scale model is designed as an acrobatic glider, capable of full aerobatics. It is supplied with brakes.


  • Starting cart and bulkheads for conversion to electric version avaiable too.

Special Features:

  • Fibreglass fuselage
  • Two-pieces foam/balsa wing
  • Fibreglass leading edge
  • Wing joiner located in the middle of fibreglass spar
  • Wing supported by carbon stripes and fibreglass under the balsa cover. Although the wing is not full fibreglass, it has similar characteristics of stiffness, still being very light
  • Clear canopy
  • Oracover on wings and balsa tail parts
  • Tight covering, with all seams hand-sealed
  • Includes all necessary hardware

RC function:

  • Rudder, elevator, ailerons, (undercarriage, brakes, aero-tow coupling)

Technical Data

Wingspan: : 4000 mm
Length: : 1870 mm
Weight: : 4300 g
Area: : 87,5 dm2
Airfoil: : HQ 3013

Recommended Accessories

Batteries: 5cells NiXX
Servo: ailerons HS125MG, elevator HS-82MG, rudder HS-645MG, brakes HS-422, undercarriage HS-475HB