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 Model fitted with a powerful motor may fly any aerobatics. The battery is located in fuselage in an angle, so it falls out through the canopy during a hard landing and does not damage the RC equipment. The ailerons are controlled by independent mini servos. It makes aileron mixer possible to use also as brakes.

Special Features:

  • Fibreglass fuselage
  • Foam core balsa sheeted two-piece wing with fibreglass reinforcement
  • Pre-made servo trays
  • 8 and 3 mm steel rod wing joiners
  • Fibreglass canopy
  • T stabiliser offers a better protection when landing on rough surfaces
  • Pre-hinged, finished ailerons
  • Transparent Oracover on wings and balsa tail parts
  • Tight covering, with all seams hand-sealed
  • Includes all necessary hardware

RC function:

  • Rudder, elevator, ailerons, motor

Technical Data

Wingspan: : 2760 mm
Length: : 1200mm
Weight: : 1200 g
Area: : 50,5 dm2
Airfoil: : RG 15 mod.

Recommended Accessories

Motor: 300+W ( MVVS 3,5, AXI 2820/x, Mega AC 22/30/x )
Regulator: 40 A
Batteries: 8-10 NiXX, 3 LiPo
Servo: ailerons HS-81, elevator HS-422, rudder HS-422
Propeller: due engine manufacturer