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High performance sport glider suitable for thermal as well as for slope flying.

Foam core / balsa sheeted wing , fiberglass fuselage reinforced by carbon glass and carbon roving.

The Bora kit is provided with uncutted nose fuselage - it is suitable for use as no-powered glider.


Special features


  • fiberglass fuselage reinforced by carbonglass and carbon roving
  • foam core / balsa sheet wing design
  • made by CNC technologies
  • the wing reinforced by carbon spars
  • steel wingjoiners 12mm + 8mm
  • carbonglass canopy
  • balsawood design of tail parts
  • covered with Oracover
  • kit includes all necessary small hardware

RC function


  • ailerons, elevator, rudder, flaps, motor


Technical Data

Wingspan: 3950 mm
Length: 1780 mm
Weight: 2500 g
Airfoil: RG15