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Brand new high performance F5J FAI electric powered glider. The elepitical shape of Aladin wing provides high flying performance in ligh weight of foam/balsa design.

Special features:


  • carbon/kevlar fuselage pod , carbon tail boom
  • foam core / balsa sheeting wing design
  • wing reinforced by two carbon spars
  • trailing edge reinforced by carbon strips
  • pre-cutted servo holes
  • carbon wingjoiner
  • carbonglass fin
  • balsawood / carbon elevator
  • covering by Oracover
  • includes all necessary small hardware



RC function:


  • ailerons, elevator, rudder, flaps, motor

Technical Data

Wingspan: 3950 mm
Length: 1625 mm
Weight: 1550 g
Airfoil: AG 26-24

Recommended Accessories

Motor: Mega AC 16/25/4 F5J
Regulator: Castle Talon 35A
Batteries: LiPo 1000-1300mAh / 11,1V
Servo: Dymond DS1800MG (ailerons, flaps) , HS-81 / Futaba S3150 (rudder, elevator)
Propeller: 10x6